This two-day workshop was designed to educate attendees on the best practices for developing operator enclosures which protect the lung health of operators. It is focused on the engineer control requirements, design requirements, and the standard and regulatory landscape which drive operator enclosure health and safety. The workshop assumes that the attendee has a working knowledge of operator enclosures and a basic understanding of filtration, pressurization, and HVAC function. The workshop tuition includes the ACTW workbook a fully illustrated guide through the material.

Course topics include:

  • the 18 areas of the cab that impact air quality

  • standards which directly impact cab design and function

  • current and proposed standards and regulations which will impact cab design

  • a review of basic and advanced cab theory topics

  • field case studies

  • in class working group consulting and design assignments

  • real time interaction with a fully functional cab


The workshop is designed for:

  • industrial hygienist

  • manufacturer design engineers

  • maintenance engineers

  • reliability engineers

  • cab technicians

  • HVAC technicians

  • aftermarket retrofit technicians

  • anyone with an interest in operator health and safety